Mushrooms Demystified
Nothing is more elusive and mysterious than the wild mushroom. David Arora celebrates the gathering and study of wild mushrooms with engaging style, wit and simple terminology. Mushrooms Demystified included descriptions, photographs, and keys to over 2,000 species. There is a Beginner's Checklist of the 70 most distinctive and common mushrooms plus detailed chapters on terminology, classification, habitats, mushroom cookery, mushroom toxins, and the meanings of scientific mushroom names.
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All That The Rain Promises and More: A Hip Pocket Field Guide
Over 200 edible and poisonous mushrooms are depicted with simple checklists of their identifying features, as author David Arora celebrates the fun in fungi with the same with and wisdom, fact and fancy, that has made his comprehensive guide, Mushrooms Demystified, the mushroom hunter’s bible.
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Economic Botany - The Mushroom Edition
Volume 62, Number 3 / November, 2008
Published by the NY Botanical Garden in conjunction with Springer, this 350 page journal contains more than 24 articles from all the inhabited continents and over 200 color photos showing mushroom hunters and markets around the world.

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California Porcini: Three New Taxa, Observations on Their Harvest, and the Tragedy of No Commons

A New, Commercially Valuable Chanterelle Species, Cantharellus californicus sp. nov., Associated with Live Oak in California, USA